Good news!

Good news!

I’m still alive! Sometimes I have to pinch myself just to be sure about that. The last 2 months were pretty busy. But I have good news!

I passed for the second exam, so now I have both certificates needed to keep my job after the 31st of December. Yay!

So besides working and learning I had some me time. Months ago I enrolled for a workshop voice over acting. Finally, after months of ‘waiting’, the workshop of 3 weeks started!

Amsterdam was the place to be of course. I was excited to go there after a very long time. I miss the city sometimes. There’s always something going on. Anyway, I had a blast! It was so refreshing to learn new things again…about something I find interesting. The third week we had the studio experience. That was so much fun! We got to know how everything works and recorded some stuff.

But there’s more going on. So stay tuned…

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