Presentation audition

Presentation audition

I’m always about learning and experiencing new things. So when I heard about an audition for a presentation job I thought: “I just give it a shot!”

At first I had to write a motivation letter or make a short clip where I presented it. I chose the latter option. Filming it was so much fun! But it also reminded me that thinking and talking at the same time can be really hard. I sent the video, included a short written motivation and hoped for the best.

I received an email where they thanked me for my enthusiasm and invited me for the audition. The company I work for is looking for presentation talent that can present its products in a pleasant way. I got the script of three products the day before so I could prepare a bit. Well, I can tell you, I had no idea what they were talking about because the description of the products was very detailed and technical. But I love being challenged!

The audition

I had to present three different products. The first one was the rainlegs and I had to do it by heart! Fortunately I got a second chance because I focused too much on the product instead of the camera. Next I had to improvise big time! They gave me a suitcase and that wasn’t included in the script I got…I have no clue what they thought about that presentation. The last one went pretty well. I had to present with autocue. Reading about a women’s shoe and promoting it right away was a good exercise. And I think they were impressed cause they asked me if this was the first time I used autocue. Yes, it was.

It was fun to do and a great new experience. What happens next is still unsure. I just have to wait for the result now.

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